What Are We About?

Wealth Esteem is accentuating the unlimited potential each young person has in their lives. Through the cliche terms of determination, hard work and focus a lot can be achieved but through showing spirit, graciousness and a willingness to grow, anything can be achieved. The Wealth Esteem workshops are simply ways to engage that part of young people as well as edify those who wish on music and creativity. 


To find out more or to arrange a session please
contact: managementlemz@gmail.com


Endorsements & comments

LEMZI is amazing and yesterday (23/06/2018) he showed us through the power of words and music the amazing cultural tapestry that hip-hop and rap play in our social fabric. I went home and my son was amazed that I knew about Grime, garage and hip-hop. I am looking forward to the opportunity of joint collaboration with Jeena and LEMZI of future schools workshops. He has opened up many opportunities for all of us. Thank you LEMZI and Noorworks Visionary Leadership Programme
— Shahheen Saiyed, "Noorworks Visionary Leadership Programme" Adult Workshop Participant
Hi your teaching my little girl...she is partially sighted and basically wanna say massive thank you for all you have done for her so again, THANK YOU
— - Mother of James Hornsby Student
LEMZI had a very easy, gentle flow to his subject inviting participants to share their views without judgement and being open to the thoughts of the group. Certainly learned a lot and now tapping into my rapping creative power well I never, that’s so awesome!
— Atiya Chaudry, "Norworks Visionary Leadership Programme" Adult Workshop participant
LEMZI presented in a relaxed way putting everybody at ease; calmly took us out of our comfort zone and lead us to new territory. He provided an insightful glimpse into an unfamiliar genre and helped us tap into aspects of our creativity. Thank you
— Andy Williams, "Noorworks Visionary leadership programme" adult workshop participant